A road movie about music

Baskaru music label will release the film by Davide Lonardi called FARAWAY CLOSE as a part to the upcoming record of Parallel41 Dvd+Cd deluxe edition.
hd 35 min. col. | Italy 2010 | produced and directed by Davide Lonardi for Au Hasard film

Short description:
Faraway close…perhaps fundamentally we all are, regardless of language or appearance. Barbara De Dominicis and Julia Kent, though they come from distant and diverse worlds, divided by an ocean, by air, by difficult conjunctions and different rhythms, are much closer than it might seem.

Faraway close essentially tells the story of a musical journey, but also plays with the notion of meeting in sonic space. Here the music becomes an environment, where improvising means to test and discover oneself — to talk, communicating more closely than through language. Distances disappear, and the miracle of form is created, only in that moment, and only in that place. The camera follows them, listens to them, captures them silently, searching for that subtle link, that parallel.

The film unfolds over the course of 10 months, during which the duo perform concerts and also confront the natural sounds of special, almost magical places, environments that inspire improvisation and contribute their own sound-breath, whether that of water or leaves, stone or wood.